After having some windows installed in the loft, the wife suggested buying a telescope. Thats how it all started, and before long we had another window installed so that I could acheive around a 270 degree view from the loft.

The telescope itself is a Vixen Achromatic Refractor, using high quality Japanese optics. Focal ratio is f/11.2.

I can quickly switch between an eyepiece and my filter wheel / camera setup. This is helpful for locating celestrial objects before capturing them.

I have Velux windows either side of the loft with platforms for mounting the telescope setup.

I use an Alt-azimuth mount as the Velux windows would be too restrictive for an equatorial mount. It has slow motion cables so that I can easily pan across what ever I’m observing.

My computer is on a custom made trolley, so that I can easily move it between each window.

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