Software and 3D Print Hardware Available for Free Download

Being both a self-taught computer programmer, an interest which I enthusiastically pursue and continually strive to gain a better understanding of, and no stranger to 3D design and print, I’ve developed some astronomy software packages and hardware which are available here for download. I believe that sharing our resources drives progress in achieving our goals and so these are provided free of charge. If you do find them to be of benefit and you wish to make a donation, then this is of course welcomed and will help me pursue the hobby further, but donations are not expected.

Featured Downloads:

  • AllSky Camera - An AllSky camera designed to be fitted with a Raspberry Pi Zero and HQ camera module. There are feet included for free
  • Vixen Motor Focus - Designed a motor focus system for my telescope, would be suitable for any Vixen 2.7″ focuser, and could be customised for pretty
  • Sundial - I made this sundial to be accurate for where I live in West Malling, Kent. It would be pretty accurate for quite
  • Raspberry Pi 4 Rack Mount - Raspberry Pi’s have proven to be very useful for Astronomy projects. I’ve experimented with both the pi4 and pi zero myself. I
  • T2 Spacer (3D Print) - I found that my filter wheel couldnt screw fully into my telescope without some of the filters fouling. So I made this
  • AstroOrganiser - I wrote this application to aid me in my astrophotography from my home observatory. Its reasonably simple but simplifies the tasks I
  • 1.25″ Telescope Filter Modular Stackable Drawers - Created this as I wanted a storage system for my mixture of telescope filters. So I designed this and made it scalable
  • 100mm Solar Filter and Case - I designed this for my Vixen Telecope as I wanted a perfect fit solar filter with no vignette. Once printed you simply
  • AstroClock - Dark adapted and highly functional clock paying homage to two Omega wristwatches and the Saturn V guidance computer all of which had

External Sources:

Software and source code available from GitHub.
3D print files can be downloaded from Thingiverse.

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