I’ve had many hobbies over the years, the biggest being my participation in motorsports, but since starting a family I found it hard to find the time. It was after having some windows installed in our loft that the wife suggested a telescope would be a nice addition, and so the next hobby began with a somewhat improvised observatory being born!

This website not only enables me to showcase my work, via the Astrophotography tab, but also my wife to showcase her photography, via the Earth tab. As a self taught Computer Programmer and 3D Deisgn / Printer, I’ve been able to create software tools and hardware for astronomy which are shared here for other astronomers to make use of. I believe that sharing our resources drives progress in achieving our goals.

Any astronomers local to the West Malling area will benefit from the Live Data page as this will show timings of both moon and planet rise and sets, as well as ISS passes and iridium flares. Weather forecast and moon phase information can also be found on the majority of pages on this site.

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